FAQ – Seal Tite Systems


Frequently Asked Questions

Portland cement with chemical additives.

Yes, if it is tested and drifted.

None. It installs like a normal tubing job or lead line job.

Yes. However, we recommend replacing seals and Teflon rings for maximum corrosion and leak protection. Because millions of feet of Seal Tite remain in service for many years, your pipe string may have Seal Tite’s older style seals which contain two O-rings. Be sure to replace the O-rings before reinstalling this style of seals. Seal Tite’s newest seal design is V-cup and does not have O-rings. Older style seals can be replaced with V-cup designed seals.

Yes. We recommend lining the packer. This allows you to protect every connection with a seal. This eliminates a potential weak link in the string.

Make up to A.P.I. specifications. Seal Tite staff can provide guidance on make up pressure.

Although the I.D. is smaller, PVC is 50% smoother than steel. This allows comparable flow by reducing friction loss. Our V-Cup seal also eliminates turbulence in the collar area.

No. Once the pin end passes the V-cup or O-ring you have a seal. Make up should be to API specifications.

Yes. There are a few chemicals that are incompatible. Consult the chemical resistance charts (see here) or call us at 620-331-7384.

Yes. Most blends of hydrochloric acids have no effect on the lining or the seal. When using hydrochloric acid be sure to displace the acid into the formation not allowing it to stand in the static fluid column, and start injecting. 

Yes. However, you will want to discuss the workover with your SealTite Representative to determine if it is an approved workover.

It is not a recommended application for Seal Tite.

Yes, but we don’t recommend sharp turns or bends. Common sense and reasonable care should be used when curving lined pipe of any kind.

Seal Tite lined tubing is available for purchase directly through our sales team and ships from our factory nationwide.

We have also partnered with select distributors who keep a limited stock of Seal Tite. Find a dealer here.

Yes, Seal Tite will provide a free quote to line your pipe with PVC or CPVC.  Any tubular stock that is not new API grade pipe must be hydrostatically tested and drifted at our plant before Seal Tite will line a customer’s pipe joints. Seal Tite does not  warranty  custom line pipe orders.