Advantages – Seal Tite Systems


Simple & Quick Installation

The short end of the collar seal is fitted into the collar with the long end extending out of the collar approximately 1/2″, providing a stabbing point for the tubing pin end.

Swab the collar with a small amount of pipe dope. Dip short end of collar seal into pipe dope, then insert the seal. Using a pipe dope brush, swab inside pin end for top O-ring lubrication.

A slight downward pressure may be required to position pipe for make-up. Important: If using power tongs, make-up pipe on medium speed.

Complete Internal Corrosion Protection

Complete internal corrosion protection for above and below ground.

Seal Tite is guaranteed against internal corrosion

Seal Tite warranties customer’s disposal and injection applications, but does not warranty commercial disposal applications, offshore applications, or hazardous waste disposal sites.

The Seal Tite Advantage

Moving disposal fluids better, faster, safer.

Since the inception of oil and gas production, the industry has contended with produced water. Over time, industry participants began recognizing potentially harmful environmental risks that produced water could have on natural resources, including land, ground water, and underground water reservoirs. Prevention of corrosion and leaks occurring in flow lines, disposal wells, and injection wells was necessary for oil and gas producers to continue elevating its good stewardship of natural resources.

Most failures related to disposing produced water begin in pipe collars. Over the past forty years, numerous companies have introduced lined pipe systems to combat corrosive disposal fluids. What distinguishes Seal Tite is its patented seal. No other product design protects pipe collars as well as Seal Tite. Its unique seals are custom fabricated. Each collar is machined and modified and a Teflon ring is installed offering maximum corrosion protection.

Seal Tite will line your packer, protect every coupling, and provide fittings which extend above the tubing hanger. From the top to the bottom of your well, Seal Tite provides an industry leading solution preventing corrosion and leaks. It is our goal for no produced water to touch bare metal within a Seal Tite installation.

Seal Tite helps protect natural resources while moving produced water better, faster, and safer.